"Even Miracles Take a Little Time"

Amanda Hobbs

"Even Miracles Take a Little Time"
Friday, February 19, 2016

But how much time do they need??

Seriously, though... This really is getting old. I am so tired of waiting, stressing, worrying, crying, and wondering.

Enough is enough, right? 

I mean, haven't we been through enough?

I went in for my "week before transfer" appointment yesterday; I saw Dr. K, did a sonogram, and had my labs done. I have been working so hard to grow my lining.. I can't tell you how much pineapple core I've been eating. (yuck)

I had successfully grown my lining to a 12.1 and still had a week to go! Guys, this was the best lining I've had so far. I was so proud; I did good. The shape was perfect and we were all set to start progesterone.

So, I started the long trek home, called Mr. H to tell him the good news, and even got a little teary eyed in the process. I couldn't believe it was really about to happen next week. It feels like I've been waiting so long. I know that I was just barely ready, mentally, to start again but I want this so bad.

Once I got home, I got a call.

Guess what!?!

I am a freak of nature. I ovulated through the medications... That happens?? Seriously??

Apparently only 1% of the time. 1%...... 1% you guys!! What the heck, of course it happened to me.

I mean, basically, if it can go wrong, it will with me.

My doctor gave the example of a woman that doesn't want to get pregnant and is on a very strict birth control schedule. She takes her pill every day at the same exact time; she never misses a single dose. Surprise! She's pregnant.

It almost never happens. Literally 1% of the time.

I was instructed to stop all medications and when I start my period to give them a call and we could start more medications.


Here we go again.

I was dreading writing this post. I was hoping that the next time I updated my blog that it would be with good news. I mean this is not the worst that has happened to us, so I should be grateful. But it is a pretty big setback and I am still devastated. I've been praying every day that this was IT!

"Even miracles take a little time," I guess I just needed to remember that. If it's not our time then it just isn't our time. I need to learn to be more understanding of the fact that I don't always have to understand; that I won't always understand and that is just the way it is.

Even though I am not thrilled about the fact that we have to wait another month or two before we can try again, I know somewhere deep down that there is a reason for it. That it just wasn't the right time. I just hope we are getting close.

I pray to God that He can carry me through the next couple of months because I am going to need it.

I pray that I don't go insane before then...

...because it's fairly likely. O_o