Amanda Hobbs

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

After I started my period, I had a sonogram to make sure that everything was healing properly and to check the lining of my uterus. I also had blood work to look at my hormone levels. Everything came back normal with the exception of my ovaries. They we still rather large, we would continue to keep an eye on those. 

The next day I got an email from my nurse with my medication calendar in it. I was instructed to take one estrogen pill a day for 5 days, then up the dose to two pills a day for 3 days and then eventually three pills a day until transfer.

Now, if you guys don't know me by now, I'm a mess to begin with. How about let's throw in a little extra estrogen!!

Oh geez...

I can't tell you guys how emotional the last month has been! Everything makes me cry!

So, after nearly three weeks of just estrogen, I start the progesterone shots. Now ever since the beginning of this whole process, these were the shots I was the most scared of. Now starts the fun. I will take these shots once a day until I am 10 weeks pregnant!


I have learned that since we froze our little boys and girls on day 6 I would take my progesterone and on the 6th day, we would have transfer!

We were scheduled for transfer on the 17th of August. Mr. H and I took off a day early so we could have a date day before the transfer.

We went to this amazing little steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, TX called Perini Ranch and ate a delicious burger. Voted the best in Texas! It was amazing. We continued on our journey and stopped at a few places to shop along the way and then settled in to the hotel room. After a short little nap we ventured out for dinner and had one last Margarita... Okay, one and a half. ;)

The next day was torture! The procedure wasn't until 12:45pm and of course I was awake and ready at 4:00am. I was told to show up 15 minutes early with a full bladder. So we got ready as normal, ate breakfast and did a little shopping. It was finally time to head over for transfer and of course we were early and they were behind.

We waited for another hour and a half... the whole time I had to pee... Bad!

Once they were ready for us, they called us back and had us change into the gown and bunny suit. My poor husband! The bunny suit was too small... Haha! All I could do was laugh. He had so much trouble getting it over his shoulders; well the whole thing was a little short for him. To say the least, he was pretty uncomfortable! He was so nervous and to top it off, this was his first experience witnessing anything done to me.

We went into the OR, I got up on the table and they had me get into position. Mr. H was by my head.

He had no clue what to expect and I am sure he was more than shocked when they revealed my lady parts... His eyes grew rather large.

It was a quick process and for the most part painless. There was a little discomfort here and there, but mostly pretty easy. The hardest part was holding my pee in and then the 20 minutes of bed rest before I could empty my bladder. Plus, we got to watch the whole process on two different screens, it was really amazing.  We got our picture taken with our little one and waited. As soon as my 20 minutes were up, I used the facility and we left.

We were both on cloud nine... No, ten!  Nothing could bring us down!

We are officially PUPO!!!! :)

(pregnant until proven otherwise)

In nine days we'll have the beta test. Prayers!