"Let's Talk IVF.... And Decisions"

Amanda Hobbs

"Let's Talk IVF.... And Decisions"
Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I feel like I could go on and on about IVF and everything I know, but the fact is, everyone that goes through IVF has a different experience. I can only tell you my story, my particular situation and how I felt going through the process.

I've talked to several different people through this experience, some going through the same thing, some that have been through it in the past and some that have never even heard of IVF. I've heard success stories and great disappointments. I've heard the same thing over and over, "Stop trying and it will just happen." Or, "It will happen when God wants it to," or "I had a friend that went through the same thing. They did this... and got pregnant on their own."

The more I hear, the more I don't want to hear. That's not our case... It's not going to happen that way. That's why I am writing our story.  It's for you to read and understand, not for comparisons or judgement.

I just want to tell you what happened to me!

So, Mr. H and I decided that we would wait to do IVF until the summer. Now, I know what you are all thinking, "If we were so desperate to have a child to begin with, why were we waiting" and the answer is this.

As saddened as we were that we had to plan everything out, we were also a little relieved. We could make everything happen when we wanted it to, to fit around our schedules.

On one hand, I was heartbroken because I had always dreamed of that moment, after I'd peed on the stick and waited in agony for the longest five minutes of my entire life.

The positive sign!!

We would be parents!!

We would share the happiest surprise of our lives together. (And that may still happen, after IVF of course, it just won't be as much of a surprise)

On the other hand, I was glad that the pressure would be off of us and we could make it happen when we were ready.

Of course, there are no guarantees and there is always a chance that IVF won't work for us, but being positive is the key!

I was in one of my best friend's wedding in June and it was in Puerto Rico. We decided that we wanted to wait until after that trip because, one, I didn't want to travel that far while 6 months pregnant. Two, as some of you may know, IVF requires you to give yourself injections and it also requires a lot of drugs to be given at certain times of day. We felt like we wouldn't enjoy our time in Puerto Rico, much less be able to remember to do all of the things that IVF requires. Plus, who wants to travel with a satchel full of syringes, needles and hormones? The last thing I needed was a cavity search!

We also needed time to get ready financially, IVF is not cheap. As a matter-of-fact, it is expensive! We didn't just have that money laying around, ya know. 

Another reason we decided to wait was because, as you know, we live in Texas. Not just Texas, but West Texas, also known as the DESERT!! Now I love Texas, but the summertime is MISERABLE!! It's hot and uncomfortable even for the tiniest of people, let alone the great big pregnant ones! And if we had to plan it anyway, why not make it make is as comfortable as possible?

We started our journey in May 2015 and haven't looked back since.

Our first appointment was an orientation with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. He talked with us about our situation and the one option we had.

Our only option was IVF and within that, something called Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This is different from traditional IVF in that one single sperm is selected and injected directly into the egg instead of placing them all in a dish and letting them do their thing. Our little swimmers didn't really know how to 'do their thing.' They just needed a little help.

The doctor made me feel comfortable with what was about to happen and what needed to be done. 

We ultimately decided to go forward with IVF/ICSI and we would plan for transfer (where the put our little miracle in my uterus) in July.

All we had to do was wait...

That should be easy!