TTC Timeline

Although we have only been trying to conceive for two years, it seems like it's been forever. Two years is a long time but I know that there are so many people that have been trying for much longer and my heart goes out to them. It will happen for all of us, I just know it!
(the good, the bad and the sad)

Current Status: Pregnant!!
9dp6dt- BFP, Beta-178

It's Finally Happening!



  1. 08/06
    We Meet
    I met the man of my dreams on this sweet, sweet night at a party. He was the roommate of some co-workers of mine. We said "hello" and the rest is history!
    I'm 19 and Mr. H is 21


  1. 09/12
    The Question
    On September 14, 2012, the man of my dreams asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. He spelled out "Marry Me" in rose petals and lit candles all over our two bedroom apartment. Of course I said yes, he's the BEST!
    I said "YES!!"


  1. 09/13
    This was the best day of my life! He's mine forever!
    We say, "I do!"
  2. 12/13
    The Beginning
    He says, "So, do you want to have a baby?" Ha! DUH!! We had no clue what we were in for.
    Start TTC


  1. 12/14
    We Need Answers
    Labs for me and semen analysis for him. We find out right away that he has a low count and what is there doesn't swim. We will need to start IVF if we want to have a baby anytime soon. We have a consultation with Dr. K and start the process.
    Start Testing


  1. 06/15
    Let's Do This
    6.22.15 Histeroscopy shows everything is good to go, we'll start stims and get the retrieval done next month.
  2. 07/15
    Shots, Shots, Shots
    07.17.15 Retrieval goes well but we have to hold off on a fresh transfer because I get overstimulated. We get 13 eggs, 11 fertilize via ICSI, and 5 make it to freeze on day 6.
    Stims and Embryos
  1. 08/15
    We're Ready
    8.17.15 We transfer one day 6 embryo. The 10 day wait is torture but I abstain from any home testing. 8.28.15 BFN
    FET #1
  2. 10/15
    Ready Again
    We are ready to try again but have to wait due to hormone levels being elevated at baseline.
  1. 11/15
    For Real This Time
    11.12.15--We transfer two day 6 embryos but this time I am impatient. I get positive hpts starting at 4dpt and continue until day 8. 9dpt BFP- Beta number was 14. 11.23.15--12dpt BFN. Beta number was 3. 11.27.15--Start miscarriage. Take some time off...
    FET #2


  1. 02/16
    Our Last Two Embryos
    I start meds for transfer #3 scheduled on 02.24.16. We plan to transfer our last two embryos from this cycle and pray that we get pregnant, and stay pregnant this time.
    FET #3
  1. 02/16
    Waiting is the worst and my body is terrible... I ovulate through the medications and our transfer is cancelled. I guess we'll try again in a couple months.
    FET #3- Postponed
  1. 03/16
    Try Again
    Transfer #3 is scheduled for April 5. Doctor put me on Lupron to ensure that I will not ovulate. Transfer will happen this time.
    FET #3- Again
  1. 04/16
    FET #3
    The medication worked. We had transfer as scheduled. We transferred our last two embryos and prayed hard!
    We did it
  1. 04/16
    Beta Day
    4.14.16- Beta #1-BFP- 178 4.15.16- Beta #2-BFP- 290 4.18.15- Beta #3-BFP- 1534 4.22.16- Beta #4-BFP- 14,155 4.25.16- Beta #5-BFP- 32,439 I was a nervous wreck so I requested more blood work for reassurance. I'm FINALLY pregnant!!!
    It's finally time
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